NQHS PAC Information - NEW!!

NQHS PAC now has a new home as we have teamed up with the Senior Stayout Committee!


The Parent Advisory Council provides an important connection between parents of NQHS students and the school administration. Monthly PAC meetings are a forum for parents and administrators to share information, celebrate success and to address mutual concerns and challenges.


The Principal and Vice Principal attend all PAC meetings and keep the members informed about student life, educational programming, upcoming events and any current issues affecting the NQHS community.


Representatives from Guidance and Citywide Parent Council also report at each meeting.  Guest speakers are often invited to address specific areas of concern.  In addition, PAC provides volunteers, funding and planning assistance for many school events.  


PAC also supplies some funding for scholarships, "Great Ideas" teacher mini grants, and other needs as they arise.  The PAC budget is funded by asking for a $20 donation per family as membership dues.



Parent Advisory Council (PAC) 

2017 - 18 Meeting Dates


Meetings are held on the following dates in the Trophy Room (2nd floor, across from the principal's office) at 6:00 pm. Meetings generally run approximately one hour. 


Meeting Dates:


Wednesday, October 18th


Wednesday, November 8th


Wednesday, January 17th


Thursday, February 8th


Wednesday, March 14th


Wednesday, April 4th


Wednesday, May 2nd


WRAP UP meeting: Wednesday, May 30th



The PAC Brochure as well as the parent letter and donation form are available on the Brochure /Letters / Forms tab that you can download and print out.  This brochure has all the pertinent information regarding school holidays, vacations, tests, open houses, parent/teacher conferences, etc.


If you have any questions or would like to be added to our email list, you can send an email to nqhspac@gmail.com


The NQHS PAC also has a new FaceBook page and will be posting new information and events throughout the school year.  Check them out at NQHSPAC Facebook