Volunteers Needed

The Senior Stayout Committee is always in need of volunteers.  These are made up of both senior class parents as well as underclass parents.  Underclass parents are so critical to our success because they are the ones who are needed the night of the party since Senior Class parents aren’t allowed to chaperone the event, however they are part of our team throughout the year.  After all, what senior wants to be at an all-night party with their parents chaperoning!


We know that everyone is very busy and our motto is "come when you can, leave when you have to" . . . many hands make light work, so get involved to whatever level your schedule allows!


You can choose to help or volunteer in many ways:


  • attend meetings
  • help with mailings or make copies for mailings
  • help with decorating
  • help with fundraising
  • help with setup or cleanup
  • volunteer to chaperone
  • volunteer to "pick up food" the night of the event
  • donate a baked good / soft drinks
  •    ... and so much more

 Want to learn more, please contact us at

nqseniorstayout@yahoo.com or attend a meeting.