What is the After Prom Party?

This will be the 22nd year that the Senior Stayout Committee has been hosting an “after-prom, all-night, alcohol and substance free student party.”  It starts immediately following the senior prom at approximately 11:30 pm Friday, May 11th and continues until approximately 4:30 am the next morning.

When is it?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Where is it?

North Quincy High School

Who Can Attend?

Every member of the senior Class of 2018 is invited to the Stay Out whether they attend the prom or not.  (If they attend the prom, their date may attend the Stay Out as a guest.  If the senior does not attend the prom, that student will not be able to bring a date or friend to the After Prom Stay Out.)


Absolutely free!

What's Happening?

  • Food & Beverages served all night: appetizers, hot-buffet, pizza, candy table, chocolate fountain, cake and ice cream
  • Entertainment / DJ 
  • Cash Cube
  • Cashless Casino games: Black Jack & Texas Hold Em' 
  • Bingo
  • Large Inflatables - 50 Ft. Obstacle Course
  • Bungee Run
  • Bungee Basketball
  • Gladiator Jousting
  • Dance, Dance Revolution
  • 18' foot 6 person Mini Race Track
  • Photo Booth
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Small prizes pulled all night
  • Big "End of the Night" prizes pulled starting at 4:00 am                            (you must be present to win!!!)
Bungee Run
Race Track 18' - 6 person Mini Race Track

Is it Safe?

Parents of NQHS freshmen, sophomores, juniors and even many alumni give up their night of sleep to chaperone. 


Also in attendance are representatives from the Quincy Police Department, Quincy Fire Department, Fallon Ambulance, school security, school nurse as well as teachers and school staff.